Bug On The Run

She knew that rat bastard was running around this god-forsaken desert. There had to be a thousand caves, canyon cuts, and cantinas between here and flagstaff. Determined to kill him before (Someone Else) did it, She would keep looking. The bug stumbled and sputtered to […]

Go West

GW looked across the desert. He had sweat his last drop of moister. All his food and water and been consumed, and the jeep was completely out of gas. He pats the side of his backpack. A flask of scotch was tucked away in the […]

Beach Days

Like it or not, summer is here. We’re ready! It’s been a long winter, and the 115-degree weather is an amazing feeling. Chuckling as we write this, I imagine the weiners wrinkling their noses. Get over it! Yes, it’s hot, no disputing that. Learn to […]

Joie De Vivre

Desert life is majestic and zen-like. The heat that bakes everything to a crisp, the danger in every plant and animal. The still quiet of the wide-open sky. She is our lady of love. She makes us complete, and we harmonize with her completely. Who […]

All The Best Things

They are always faithful. Our best friends. Dogs. They will love you and play with you until reaching the point of exhaustion. When it comes time to go, it breaks our hearts. Even as I sit here, it doesn’t feel real. My best buddy Henry! […]

Take a Trip

The reflection of the light on the road signs were beginning to starburst. And light flares sparkled all over the road. Psilocybin is not a fickle drug. It does get weird, though. We cruised along the road at 60 mph. Completely dark except for the […]

Let My River Go

The idea of ownership is silly. For starters, the river is here, and we belong to it. That being said, someone has to take responsibility for it. I mean, take a look at it. It’s being raped on all fronts! So, what is one to […]