Beach Days

Like it or not, summer is here. We’re ready! It’s been a long winter, and the 115-degree weather is an amazing feeling. Chuckling as we write this, I imagine the weiners wrinkling their noses. Get over it! Yes, it’s hot, no disputing that. Learn to embrace it. You might melt or get a new perspective on living in the natural world and not the artificial 75-degree environment. We have walled ourselves up, spending hours sitting on the couch and like photos of people outside Instagram.

The restlessness of winter has subsided, and we are full of spirit and ready for days on end spent soaking up the cold waters of the colorado river. Hopping on a jet to the west coast and surfing for the day or dusty, bumpy trips to the desert for a ride in the buggy to the mountains to take in the cosmic energy of the clear starlit sky.

The most important thing to keep in mind is the water is not a privilege. We live in the desert and must behave accordingly. These days the lake is jam-packed with desert rats of all persuasions competing for precious beach space, and the environment has taken a beating. It’s not too difficult to pick up your trash. The garbage cans are 50 yards from any place you could be on the beach. Let me say that again! “PICK UP YOUR FUCKING TRASH!” This isn’t a rub on anyone and not that we are anything but territorial. It isn’t lost on us that the beach must be a shared space.

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