‘Henrē aka Dog-der Dre or Shithead

The greatest adventure buddy, loved leading the pack through wild trails. Had recently & rather quickly developed a touch or more of dementia , his hearing seemed to be decreasing by the day & he would run around barking at the kids and other dogs to calm down if they got too rowdy for his liking. He didn’t chase the sticks fully down anymore, leaving the heavy play for the pups in the pack. His arthritic hips relinquished him to having to be lifted into the back of the jeep on trips when he used to be the first in out of excitement for the coming journey. He especially loved being lifted onto the mattress in mornings to roll back and forth, rubbing his body all around the blankets then inevitably sneezing into our faces. Always found the closest bit of water, sticks or mud to lay in and was a pro at digging good layin’ holes to cool down.
Henry was the goodest of good bois, leaving behind the rest of the Dusty crew and the Doggies of Doom, he will be remembered fondly and missed greatly. Henry has come to rest at the base of and under the shade of his last mesquite in the desert where he loved exploring.


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