The Girl in the Baja

I had a leisurely day planned. A long shower and cup of coffee were on the agenda. Maybe watch some TV, just a light morning. I hadn't planned on doing anything that day. It is funny how easy it is to get restless planning on nothing and making it a few hours in only to start thinking of where to go or what to do. No matter how hard you try, the urge to go and do something wins out. So I pulled up my phone. What did the news have for me today? After about an hour of scrolling stories about unrest in D.C., what The President was up to on his Twitter account, and how to make Hawaiian burgers. Hey, I thought that sounds rather good. So I got up and popped the fridge open. Empty! You gotta love that bachelor life. Maybe it's normal, a writer with an empty fridge, who knows. I went and sat back down on the couch. I looked at my phone the screen was still off. I stared at its blank screen, looking at my reflection in the mirror. "Hey, good lookin'. How about you go get us some burgers." He...I had a point the burgers were still on my mind.
I pulled into the parking lot. The weather was beautiful. Why I had planned on sitting inside doing nothing was beyond me. The parking lot was a little full. I drove up and down each aisle, looking for the perfect spot to park the jeep. The next aisle over had a spot mid-row. Not too far a walk, long enough to finish the cig I just lit. I hurried to drive to the end of the row and up the next. As soon as I arrived, a little grey Baja bug snaked my spot. Oh shit, I thought. My second thought was, "Hey, at least it was a cool car." Fortunately, a spot on the row I was previously on had a spot open back up right across from where the Baja had parked. I rushed around and grabbed the parking spot. As I pulled in, the door to the Baja swung open. She stepped out dropped her phone. She threw her arms out to catch it, but it was way too late. "Fuck!" she mumbled. She picked it up and straightened her dress out, and walked to the store. Her hair was short and wild. She was tall and had a sort of grace about her stride. I uttered to my self "sup gurl!" then got out myself. The grocery store wasn't too busy, and I spent the next few minutes making my way in grabbing a cart.
First on the list, hamburger. Then buns briefly thinking to myself why all my ingredients were across the story from each other. I finally arrived in the produce department. "hey, that chick in the Baja." I said to myself. Trying to keep on track, I found the onions got a sweet potato to go as a side, and then looking for the Pineapples; I bumped into her. "Oops, Excuse me!" I turned and said. It must have been fate or something because there she was, like a tall Lori petty from 'Point Break' crazy short hair standing there right next to the pineapples. Thinking quickly, I said, "Think there are any good ones?" She said, "I pull the center leaf out of the top. If it comes out easily, they are ripe." I explained that I like that; I usually look at the color and such as well. We both fell silent and stood there staring at each other, our eyes locked. She turned and looked at the pineapples. I pulled a leaf out of one. This one looks good. I picked one up. It was bright colored and pulled a leaf out this one too. We smiled at each other and went our separate ways. I still go to the store and browse the produce section, hoping to bump into her

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