Love on Aisle One

I was in the grocery store, and was in a hurry that day. I had to make it to my sisters house with a dessert dish for the dinner we had planned later that night. I was on a health kick, so figured I would make a fresh fruit salad. No artificial sugars or flavoring here! As I rushed into the store, I saw they had the produce isle close by, and well stocked. Grabbed a basket, because pushing a cart is so 90’s, and I headed to the produce section. Ace of base played on the loud speakers “Well she woke up late to the morning light and the day had just begu-uun. She opened up her eyes and said “oh what a mo-rning” so I bopped up to the stand with the apples and pears stacked up in pyramids, the waxy shine on the apples was more prominent today than others. 2 shiny apples, one red, one green. To give a little sour kick. Then a couple pears, not too soft and not too hard. Had to squeeze a lot of pears to find the right ripe pear feeling that day. I figured it was time for a different color and texture, so I found the berries. The strawberries smelled great, weren’t on sale- but I grabbed a container anyways because you know- strawberries are bomb. Time for a yellow fruit, the salad has gotta be colorful, appealing to as many senses as possible. Taste, smell, feel and sight. I knew the pineapples were in the middle of the produce section so set out, but something next to the pineapples caught my eye. Cool! They have dragon fruit today, but I’m not gonna pay five bucks for a tiny ass dragon fruit, when pineapple is only half that.

I stepped to the side, still eyeing the dragon fruit and the hand written price tag beneath it, thinking about how pretty little pineapple chunks would be in my salad. That’s when I bumped into him. “Ope, sorry!” I said as I looked up, and our eyes locked. He had deep eyes a person could lose their soul in. We both stood there staring at each other for what seemed like hours, when in reality it was a quick few seconds. Both began awkward apologies, which led to discussing needing a pineapple. You see he was planning on grilling pineapple slices on the grill tonight to go with the burgers. We discussed how to find the properly ripe and sweet pineapple. I always pulled at the tops to see if a leaf came out easily. He would look for color and the health of the bottom of the fruit. We decided to use both techniques, and found two perfect pineapples. Then said goodbye and went our separate ways.

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